Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day Weekend, Reservations Accepted by calling Vilas Pool 603-835-8075 and leave a message or email us at

            10 campsites, Restrooms/Shower, Swimming, Boating/Fishing, Playground, Horseshoes & basketball
          Outdoor Fire Pits, Historic Bell Tower, beautiful untouched Pavilion Area in central location


• Campsites are available Wednesday thru Sunday 11am – 7pm
• Check in time: Any time after 11am
• Limited campsites, (10) campsite available. Campers can reserve ahead by emailing

• Campers need to register at the Manager’s Office. Campsites are $25.00 donation per campsite, per night
• Quiet time is from 10p.m to 8a.m. All radios, musical instruments, etc., are to be turned off during quiet hours so as not to disturb other campers.
• Campfires are allowed only at designated areas.
• Rowdy behavior, excessive noise or swearing will not be tolerated
• Every camper using campsite or other facility in the Vilas Pool area shall maintain it in a clean and sanitary condition at all times
• Water & bathrooms utilities are provided on lower level
• Garbage receptacles are provided next to the Men’s room.


* Alcohol, Drugs are prohibited
* Pets on a leash
* All campers shall leave the facility in a clean and sanitary condition at the end of the day. Deposit all garbage in proper receptacles when you vacate your campsite. We do encourage recycling. Please use marked bins
• Hanging lanterns or any other items from or in trees, trenching around tents, littering or discharging sewage on the ground is prohibited
• Please help us preserve and protect Vilas Pool grounds. Do not carve, chop, cut or damage any live trees. The removal or destruction of natural objects is prohibited.


Experience Vilas Pool’s natural beauty & family camping where you make memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime. If you are an outdoor enthusiast this is the place for you. Camping is permitted only in designated areas. Camping is restricted to a designated camp site where 2 tents are allowed and up to 6 people per site. The maximum number of people using a campsite is six except for the following: * families that exceed six persons may be allowed on one campsite if all members are immediate family and cannot logically be split to occupy two campsites.

We have one designated campsite for disabilities, please ask Vilas Pool Manager.
Beautiful area for boating and fishing. We now have Swimming, sorry no kitty Pool this year for those who can't swim.
Vilas Pool Pavilion: A beautiful inside open area available to the Public and campers, a wonderful area to enjoy no matter the weather!